Inspection FAQs

Why worry about having my products inspected?
Manufacturers do not always follow your wishes in terms of product quality and details. This is what we inspect so you can be sure the goods are up to spec BEFORE you pay to ship them to the USA. It is far easier to negotiate with manufacturers in terms of fixing products before they leave the factory and before you have paid them the balance. We have found that just the indication that the goods will be inspected results in the manufacturer taking more care with the product and packaging.
What makes you different from other inspection companies?
Remote Control CEO is an independent USA based company. You can be guaranteed that we have your best interests at heart and not the manufacturer, which many Chinese based inspection companies don’t have. We provide a comprehensive inspection and report and offer after inspection guidance to help you progress once you know the result. We have found this guidance particularly helpful to smaller businesses whom may be placing their first order and need some help.
What is the most popular inspection type?
The Pre-Shipment Inspection is the most popular inspection as it provides a good level of certainty for you the buyer at a good price point.
Should I get every order inspected?
We suggest getting every order inspected, even if you have received good quality products from the manufacturer before. Manufacturers can often look to cheapen the product on 2nd and 3rd orders to save them money. Don’t take the risk of getting a dud order. The inspection cost is a very inexpensive way to ensure you are not left with a costly faulty order.
What’s so important about an independent inspection company?
Sometimes, manufacturers will ‘pay-off’ local inspectors to pass the inspection. Remote Control CEO is a USA born and bred company who use our own inhouse, fully independent inspectors to ensure that no shady business happens with the inspection. This is our guarantee that your goods will be inspected thoroughly and fairly.
How many products in my order should be inspected?
The number is dependent on a few factors but in general we look to inspect around 10% – 20% of the order which is enough of a sample size to show up any issues. If you are looking for the full order to be inspected then please choose the Full Order Inspection option.
Why do you not have pricing for full order inspections?
As a Full Order inspection takes a lot longer to do, the pricing between different products can vary greatly and therefore we need to assess the booking form and provide a customized quote for this type of inspection.

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